Get your sales channels unified in real time

The Sitoo cloud-native Unified Commerce Platform gives customers a seamless experience and at the same time optimizes your retail business.

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The Unified Commerce Platform that puts you in control

Keep up with changing shopping behaviors and advancing technology with the flexibility of the Sitoo Platform.

Easy integration

With easy-to-use APIs, many pre-built integrations, and clear documentation, the platform is built for fast, flexible, and seamless integration with existing retail solutions.

Cloud-native scalability

Sitoo Platform automatically scales to fit in response to a changing number of stores, POS clients, SKUs, transaction volumes, and new markets.

Future-proof flexibility

The composable architecture gives you the freedom to experiment. Continuous development and updates ensure you always run the latest technology.

What they want. What you need.

Unified real-time data across all your backend and frontend touchpoints not only benefits your customers, it also makes your retail operations more efficient.

Unified inventory

Gain full control of your stock with a single real-time view of your entire inventory. Give customers what they want while maximizing stock availability and minimizing excess inventory.

Flexible fulfillment

Provide a true endless aisle experience and never miss a sale. With real-time access to all in-store, online, and elsewhere inventory you can sell and deliver everything from anywhere.

Omni orders

Enable seamless omnichannel customer experiences and make life easy for store associates with access to cross-channel orders and statuses across all touch points.

Unified Payments

Validate cross-channel payments, handle online returns easily and confidently, simplify bookkeeping, and prevent fraud with unified payments.

Unified customer data

Connect with more relevance. Get a 360° view of customer interactions with your brand and easily integrate a loyalty solution with pre-built integrations or easy-to-use APIs.

Unified product information

Access everything you need to exceed your customers' expectations with real-time synchronization of product information like images, prices, campaigns, and stock.


Integrate with ease into your existing tech stack

Sitoo is built for easy integration with other solutions. Our MACH-certified technology gives you the flexibility to make Sitoo a central part of your current solution landscape and the freedom to keep developing in a way that makes sense for you.

Composable architecture

Choose what to use with composable architecture

The Sitoo platform is modular, with a wide range of features and functionality. Depending on your current retail systems and unified commerce strategy, you can select the components that match your needs.

Fulfillment acronyms worth knowing

With the Sitoo platform, there are many different fulfillment possibilities. 
Take some time to get acquainted.


Buy in store, collect in other store


Reserve in another store


Buy in store, ship from other store


Buy in store, ship from central warehouse


Buy online, pick up in store


Reserve online, buy in store


Buy online, ship to store


Buy in marketplace, ship from store


Buy in store, return in another store


Buy online, return in store


Buy in outlet, return in store


Buy in marketplace, return in store


Scale up, down and sideways

Sitoo platform scales dynamically depending on your use. You'll have an additional POS up and running in minutes and it's easy to set up a pop-up store or bring a POS to an event. All Points of Sale interact in real time and can share printers and card readers.

Campaign engine

Drive powerful campaigns with ease

Manage rewards, use influencer codes, and create any kind of campaign type. Make them central or local, and use a loyalty solution for added personalization. A built-in best deal algorithm helps store associates give customers the best possible offering.

Unified data

Trust your insights with unified data

Make business decisions based on real-time data and set up customized dashboards for your store associates to boost teamwork and drive operational efficiency.


The Omni Franchise Engine

Enables franchises to handle different legal entities within a single environment. Franchised stores can retain their autonomy with local adjustments, while being able to benefit from centralized systems and a unified brand approach.

One solution.
Over 40 markets.

Sitoo is compliant in 40+ countries, adapted to local languages, currencies, ways of working and payment methods. The platform is trusted by retailers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

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