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One POS solution - many possibilities

Sitoo POS is a mobile-first and responsive native app for iOS and Android - so whether you use a mobile device or place a tablet in a stand, it’s the same solution. Packed with Unified Commerce capabilities Sitoo POS is way more than a traditional Point of Sale.


Just mount your iPad or Android tablet on a stand to make it a stationary POS.


Serve your customers anywhere using a mobile iOS or Android device.


Use the built-in self-checkout mode to cut queues and serve fast-moving customers.


Native on iOS & Android

Being a native app, Sitoo POS feels like an integrated part of the device. The mobile-first POS is responsive and allows you to combine iOS and Android, making it an ideal solution for enterprise retailers.


Offline Mode

To secure sales, Sitoo POS seamlessly switches to offline mode when your connectivity is unstable or fails.

Make it your own

You have control over the front-end presentation layer. Brand your POS and adapt the workflows to meet your specific needs, without having to spend resources on a bespoke solution.

Customize your pos

“A single pane of glass”

On top of all the built-in features, you can create real-time interactions with any third-party solution directly through the POS UI. Enabling your store associates to orchestrate all supporting apps through one user interface.

Why Sitoo

Your stores are the heart of your brand experience

And your store associates are the soul. Provide them access to all the information and processes they need to create positive in-store and cross-channel shopping experiences. It’s simple - if your customer wants something, they should get it.

Make life easy for your store associates

In one single app, you have everything you need to deliver an ‘above and beyond’ customer experience, maximize sales and run your stores efficiently.

Swift sales & return processes

Sales and returns on the same transaction, automated promotions, validated payments and returns, digital receipts, mixed cart, and much more.

Endless Aisle

With a consolidated real-time view of all available stock, no matter where it's situated, your store associates can sell everything from anywhere.

Assisted selling

With rich product information, high-resolution images, a real-time view of inventory, and recommendations, your associates have all they need to be brand champions.

Efficient store operations

Use your POS device for everything from picking & packing omni orders, runner functionalities, and service orders to stocktaking and receiving goods.

In-store KPIs

A real-time KPI dashboard enables you to boost teamwork, make data-driven decisions, and optimize the way you run your stores.

Sell and deliver everything anywhere

With unified inventory and built-in omnichannel fulfillment processes, you have real-time access to all inventory everywhere. True Endless Aisle means - that when a customer wants something they can always get it, and as a retailer you never have to miss a sale.

Buy online - fulfill through stores

Use the most cost-efficient and sustainable way to fulfill an online order, by turning your stores into local distribution hubs.

Buy in-store - fulfill elsewhere

Display the whole product catalogue in every store. And sell, reserve, and deliver products available in other stores or central warehouses.

Buy online - return in store

With access to all omni orders in the POS it’s simple for your store associates to handle and validate eCommerce returns.

STOCK management

Use the POS for all your in-store stock management

With built-in tools for stocktaking and receiving goods, pick and pack functionality, and intuitive processes for creating shipments - your associates can manage your inventory only using their POS device.

Way more than a POS

With access to unified real-time data and a lot of built-in functionality, the Point of Sale becomes a Point of Service, making your store associates a central part of delivering a positive shopping experience.


Request help from a backroom runner to get a product to a customer.

Service & repair orders

Reduce your environmental footprint and increase footfall and upsell opportunities.

Tax-Free & Duty-Free

Make it easy for store associates to handle Tax-Free and offer tourists a smooth process.

Multi currencies

Offer your customers the flexibility to pay with different currencies.

Unique product identifiers

Add a serial number or other unique identifiers to a cart item.

Any type of receipt

Provide convenience with physical receipts, gift receipts, and digital receipts.


Drive sales, turn returns into exchanges, and boost upsell with recommendations.

360° customer view

Improve service and personalize offers, with the CRM as an intuitive part of your POS.


The perfect line buster

The built-in self-checkout mode is the perfect queue buster, pleases fast moving shoppers, and increases your average order value. Self-checkouts free up time for store associates to guide expertise-seeking customers and to carry out daily store operations.


Item based RFID increases efficiency

With item based RFID you streamline your operations, improve inventory management, enhance customer experiences, and reduce your costs. RFID can be used for everything from speeding up POS processes to dramatically increasing inventory accuracy through simplified stocktaking.

Standard hardware

Flexibility & lower costs with standard hardware

Eliminate the need for field service by using standard tablets, phones or retail hardware for Android and iOS. Combine with cash drawers, scanners, receipt printers and label printers from market leading providers.


All the payment choices you need for great CX 

Sitoo offers a wide range of pre-integrated global and local payment solutions, cash handling processes, Tap to Pay, multiple currencies, gift cards and tax-free solutions. If you want the next level of unified payments, then contact us to learn about the possibilities of Sitoo Payments.

We have great partners

Together with our partners we provide leading technology, expertise and a number of pre-built integrations, giving you access to retail’s most powerful best-of-breed toolkit.

Maintain customer trust and avoid legal issues

Sitoo is compliant with laws, regulations, industry standards and ways of working in a large, and growing number of countries, and supports local languages, currencies, and fiscalization. The software continuously adapts to the ongoing modernization of regulations across the world.

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