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Since 2001, Nudie Jeans has been driven by the mission to make the best product possible, and to do it in a way which means they can sleep soundly at night knowing they’ve achieved some small good in the world.

Key Results

  • Repair Stores used as fulfillment centers to reduce carbon footprint

  • Sitoo seamlessly integrates with all other retail systems and the Nudie Jeans webshop

  • Flexible fulfillment options, such as ship-from-store and buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), allowing customers to enjoy a seamless shopping journey across various channels used on a daily basis

  • Returns can be handled anywhere

  • Little to no staff training required to use Sitoo

The Background

The pillars of good people, good product, and a good way of doing business are what underpin Nudie Jeans. It’s why they’re pioneers of sustainability in retail. From the relationship they have with their suppliers through to their Repair Shops and ethos of repurposing all pairs of jeans, sustainability flows through every inch of their DNA.

The Challenge

Nudie Jeans wanted to find retail tech that would support their journey and vision to become the most sustainable company on the planet. 

This meant finding a solution that would let them sell and fulfill from anywhere - particularly fulfilling orders from the store or warehouse nearest to where the order would be delivered to. The solution also had to be easy to use, compliant across multiple markets, and fit into the sleek, modern aesthetic of the Nudie Jeans Repair Shops.

The Solution

Nudie Jeans chose Sitoo because it had all the capabilities and functionality they were looking for.

Matthew Stone, Retail Regional Manager Sweden for Nudie Jeans, explained: “We use Sitoo as our POS and Unified Commerce Platform and Sitoo connects to all our other retail systems and our webshop. It’s super easy and means store associates and customers in-store can see stock availability both online and in other stores. Plus if a customer wants to order something that isn’t available in the store they're visiting - then another store, that is close to the customer, can get a ping to pack and send the order to the customer’s address. Same thing if a customer orders something online, we can ship that order from a store that is close to the customer.”

The Outcome

Nudie Jeans are always looking to push boundaries and challenge themselves. And they are firm believers the future of retail is about physical stores.

Matthew Stone added: “We need people to have those wonderful interactions, to ask questions, to touch products and try them. We see our Repair Shops being a very strong standpoint in our future. Of course, they’ll be connected with our online team. And, as a company, we connect to both. So we don’t look at retail as just the physical or just the digital - for us retail is an entire family. It’s the great team that's working to run the online shop and also the wonderful team of people that come to work every single day inside of one of our physical shops.

“We have a great relationship with Sitoo. The system is so easy to use that we don’t even have to think about it, which is exactly what we want because it means we can focus on doing our jobs which is helping our customers find what they want. One of the most rewarding parts of using the system is the way it integrates so nicely with all the other systems we use to carry out our day to day actions in the store. It allows us to be extremely adaptable which we believe is vital to the future of retail.”

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