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Sitoo is a POS and Unified Commerce Platform for global retailers. Delight your customers with best-in-class shopping journeys.

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Unify the shopping experience with Sitoo POS and Platform

Our MACH-certified solution enables great customer experiences and cost efficient retail operations by connecting all your stores and online sales channels in real time.

Buy at least one more product

74% of retailers reported that shoppers bought at least one more product while in the store to pick up an online purchase.

Spend the refund in the store

Retailers report that 80% of customers who return a product they bought online, in a store, spend the refund in the store.

Will buy more from you

62% of shoppers are more likely to shop online if they know they can return an online purchase in a store.

Point of sale

Level up your store associates

With Sitoo POS your associates have all they need to provide excellent service, offer cross-channel sales and returns, handle in-store inventory, and run your stores efficiently. Check out the next-gen POS, native on iOS and Android.


Made for global enterprise retailers

Sitoo is cloud-native SaaS and provides you with continuous development and updates to future-proof your retail operations, ensuring the POS and the Platform are the best they can be.

Unified Commerce Platform

Unify your sales channels in real time

Our unified commerce platform help to combine all your data in real time, giving you efficient inventory management, never missed sales, a 360° customer overview, and a seamless cross-channel shopping experience.

Sitoo recognized in the 2024 Gartner® Market Guide

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Access a world of customization

Our game-changing technology offers endless ways for you to customize the POS. Brand it, alter the user interface, and make third-party solutions an integrated part of your workflows.

Speed of implementation beyond your imagination

Composable MACH architecture and an intuitive POS enable a fast, cost-efficient rollout. Slash times from months, or even years, down to a matter of weeks.

Easy integration

With an API-first solution, pre-built integrations and clear documentation, you get a platform built for fast, flexible and seamless integration with your other retail systems.

Flexible hardware

Match your needs with standard iOS and Android hardware. Combine with cash drawers, scanners and receipt printers from market leading providers.

Minimal training

The native POS app has an intuitive UI that is built to empower store associates to provide great CX. Associates refer to Sitoo as the easiest POS they’ve ever used.

Simplified IT setup

Our cloud-native SaaS solution with included updates, gives you a simplified IT setup, out-of-the-box omnichannel flows and limited need for reconfiguring your other systems.

Enter new markets with ease

Remove almost all new market barriers with one unified solution. Whether you’re already operating in several markets or looking to scale, we’ve got you covered.

Compliant markets

Constantly expanding across the globe.

Live countries

In Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.


And adapted to local ways of working.

We play well with others

Together with our partners we provide leading technology, expertise and a large number of pre-built integrations, giving you access to retail’s most powerful best-of-breed toolkit.

Retail success is not a secret

From amazing customers to partners and in-house experts, we share insights from some of the best and brightest minds working in retail today.

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