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‘Game-changing’ technology praised by leading fashion retailer.

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Swedish fashion chain, Gina Tricot, has stores in over 30 countries and have been working for a number of years to deliver new and exciting shopping experiences to their customers.

Key Results

  • Game changer for CX

  • Modern platform and IT architecture

  • Transformed omni capabilities and mobility 

  • Personalized offers and campaigns

The Background

Technology - and the level of technology that has been used in the organization - have held the chain back from delivering the type of experiences they know their customers demand and expect.

“For the past six to seven years there’s been talk of implementing a new POS system and we were searching for a better solution with reduced costs,” says Michael Jarestad, Chief Digital Officer at Gina Tricot. 

“Technology has never been given a priority but with the digitalization currently happening in the industry and opportunities in new sales channels and marketplaces, we’re undergoing a significant tech shift right now to build our abilities to support all channels.”

The Challenge

As retail continues to evolve at speed and at scale, it’s becoming more important than ever for retailers to keep pace with changing customer demands. Technology is the key piece in the puzzle that helps retailers do this.

Michael Jarestad adds: “It’s important for us to be able to meet the customer and their demands in the right place at the right time with the right offer. It’s really important to have unified data that can, for instance, trigger personalized campaigns.”

The Solution

When searching for a new provider, it was the game changing technology behind Sitoo alongside the powerful functionality that sealed the deal for Gina Tricot.

Michael Jarestad adds: “One part of choosing Sitoo was how modern the platform technology and the IT architecture that sits behind it are. There is a high level of tech maturity and the way Sitoo integrates with other systems is exactly what we were looking for.

“Secondly, functionality wise - alongside its omni capabilities - it’s a truly mobile solution that will be integral for helping us develop the store experience. Our staff will now be mobile in the stores which will transform on the floor selling. Our country managers were included in the process of choosing a new solution and Sitoo will give them everything they wanted. Sitoo is the forward leaning provider we were looking for.”

The Outcome

Michael Jarestad concludes: “Sitoo has been a real game changer for us in terms of customer experience. We’re able to serve customers and meet their needs regardless of the channel - and Sitoo enables us to achieve this.“Sitoo has a futuristic mindset, they listen to what we want from the solution and they are a great supplier. We have a really strong partnership.”