About us

Sitoo is a world-leading Unified Commerce Platform anchored by a Point of Sale, trusted by 300+ global enterprise retailers.

Creating positive shopping experiences. Every time. Every where.

Sitoo began life as an eCommerce platform but realized what the industry truly needed was a scalable solution to bring together physical and digital retail – and make Unified Commerce a reality.

Today, Sitoo is a cloud-native Unified Commerce Platform anchored by a Point of Sale for global, fashion and lifestyle retailers. Our game-changing solution enables retailers to unify all stores and online sales channels in real time and empowers store associates to deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience.

With the same real-time information across all touchpoints, retailers can sell and fulfill everything anywhere and handle returns everywhere. Resulting in exceeded customer expectations, never-missed sales, and streamlined inventory management.

The MACH Alliance certified innovative technology accommodates all the flexibility and cost efficiency that comes with a cloud-native platform and microservice architecture. The solution also allows for customization without interfering with the codebase.

Being a true API-first company, we enable easy integration and speed of implementation. Our cloud-native SaaS makes the solution future-proof, with continuous updates being included and automatically made available for all retailers using it.

The POS is compliant in 40+ countries and trusted by 300+ brands and retail chains in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, with a constantly expanding reach across the globe. We're growing fast and have offices in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK.

Sitoo values

The hoodie among suits

We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered to share their full selves, where everyone feels like they belong. We have a diversity of experience, perspectives and personalities, and we believe this will lead to a stronger team and a better product for our customers. As long as we’re knowledgeable, curious and focused on getting the right things done, we can be professional and relaxed at the same time.

Sitoo values

The hug among handshakes

We treat our colleagues, partners and customers like we treat our friends. We help and guide, with a positive and solution oriented mindset and if there’s an issue we deal with it straight away. Breaking new grounds requires trust. We believe that putting quality and reliability first and always having our customers’ best interest in mind makes all else follow.

Sitoo values

The tomorrow among yesterdays

Driven by passion we look to the future, we dare to dream big and act brave. With a can-do attitude we push the limits of what’s possible by turning curiosity into knowledge and knowledge into innovation. We lead by inspiring others and just like senseis we gladly share what we know and what we learn along the way.

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