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Discover how Sitoo is helping Brothers say Yes! more often to their customers.

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Brothers - one of Sweden’s leading men’s fashion retailers - are forward-thinkers, they push boundaries, and they make everything about their customer. 

With more than 40 stores across Sweden and a booming ecomm business, Brothers are seeing awesome success - all based around their customer-centric approach and desire to help their customers be the best version of themselves.

Key Results

  • Customers can checkout wherever they are in the store

  • Store associates have been empowered and given more flexibility

  • Sitoo has made life much more fun for store associates

  • Even bigger point of difference in the customer experience Brothers offers

  • Improved omnichannel capabilities

The Background

Brothers are very passionate about making sure they meet their customers where they are and are big believers in the power of physical retail. So much so, they want to be at the very forefront of physical retail and known for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Brothers CEO, Christopher Englinde, explains: “What we really want to do at Brothers is help our customers express themselves through what they are wearing. We want to give them that extra bit of confidence if they’re going on a first date, turning up to a job interview, or even if they just want to look on point when they’re going for a walk on a Sunday. 

“It doesn’t matter what they need, we’re here to help them. That is our brand purpose. And we want to encourage people to be really proud of what they're wearing and to be confident in their own body. So whatever you wear, wear it however you want and be proud because no one else does it better. We want to help our customers to live their best life or simply to be their best selves. That is really our brand, purpose and brand promise.”

The Challenge

Brothers want to be at the forefront of physical retail and to do this, they felt they had to invest in the best technology.

Christopher Englinde says: “In our stores we felt the need to be more flexible, even more personalized, and have an even bigger point of difference in our customer experience and the types of conversations we have with our customers.

“We also knew that improving our omnichannel capabilities was crucial to doing this and we realized there was a lot of room for improvement in the technology in our business and our stores - hence why we’ve invested in changing all of our systems. In my opinion technology shouldn’t limit you, it should provide you with more opportunities.”

The Solution

Brothers are driven by the belief that it’s crucial to find the right fit when working with a technology partner. 

Christopher Englinde adds: “From our first meeting with Sitoo we knew this was the solution for us. There was so much energy in the room, we were bouncing ideas off of each other, and the relationship has continued to grow ever since.”

The Outcome

Brothers are delighted with the outcome of working with Sitoo and how it’s helping them reach even greater heights.

Christopher Englinde continues: “Retail in general - and especially fashion retail - is constantly evolving and changing. You need to be courageous, brave and curious if you want to be profitable and grow in the market. When the needs and the wants of the customer are changing, you as a retailer must change with the times and constantly challenge everything that you do in order to meet - but also exceed - the expectations of the customer.

“So now our customers can checkout wherever they are in the store and our associates have been given more flexibility with technology in their hands that also makes their jobs way more fun.  

“Of course there’s all the wonderful functionality like stock visibility but what it really comes down to is we want to say yes more often to our customers than we do today - and Sitoo is helping us do that.”


  • Customer behavior is always changing and retail is always evolving. You have to change with it otherwise you’ll get left behind

  • You need to be yourself. You need to trust your own ideas and directions, You need to keep challenging yourself and always striving to be better.

  • Be agile and be curious to new ideas. If you accept retail is always evolving then you may as well embrace it and enjoy the ride.

  • Always, always, always listen to your customers. They are giving you feedback every single day through what they buy and what they don’t buy.