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Transforming CX across 1,200 stores with one of Northern Europe’s largest retailers.

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Varner, which consists of leading fashion brands Cubus, Dressmann, Dressmann XL, Bik Bok, Carlings, Volt, Junkyard, and Levi’s Store, employs nearly 8,500 people across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark and has the goal of becoming the leading data and tech-driven fashion company in Scandinavia.

Key Results

  • Fast roll out

  • Enhanced omnichannel capabilities 

  • Improved CX

  • The ability to sell from anywhere in the store

  • Seamless experience across all channels

The Background

Varner strives to be at the forefront of retail fashion and puts the customer in constant focus with innovative business development. The team at Varner fully understands the importance of staying ahead of changing customer expectations and behaviors - and investing in the right technology to help them do this.

The Challenge

Varner needed to find a new POS solution capable of meeting constantly evolving customer expectations at speed, support them in providing excellent customer experiences, and that would easily integrate with their existing systems.

“Around 18 months ago we knew we’d need to find a new POS system. When we went to market we looked into the whole customer experience and wanted to find a vendor who could support us in everything we’re trying to achieve. By combining the best of online and offline worlds, we are creating a truly seamless experience for the consumer through our innovative omnichannel retailing strategy,” says Øyvind Bustnes, Group CFO at Varner.

The Solution

Henning Fladland, Product Manager at Varner, adds: “We sat down to identify what the highlights of our current shopping experience are, what could be improved, and what we think the future looks like. We then set about trying to find the technology to support this.”

“API-first is well used terminology but we wanted to find a solution that would easily integrate with all our systems and a vendor who had expertise in fashion retail. The mobile aspect of Sitoo was also really important as it will allow us to meet the customer on the shop floor because that’s where we have the opportunity to create great customer experiences and make sales.”

The Outcome

Henning Fladland continues: “Sitoo has helped us simplify the processes we have in store. We have five principles for a great shopping experience and one of them is that time is best spent with the customer. We don’t want our sales associates to waste their time on slow systems or processes that are just unnecessary - Sitoo has really helped us with this. It has also helped us better utilize data as well as giving our associates the tools they need to do a better job, serve our customers and answer any questions they have about our products.”

The passion shown by Sitoo - for both retail and technology - were key drivers for Varner choosing to work with them.

Øyvind Bustnes concludes: “Passion is one of our core values. We are a passionate organization full of insanely passionate people. Sitoo is also a very passionate organization which makes everything so much easier when it comes to working together and solving problems.”