Partners - 2022/08/30

Pie VAT joins the Sitoo partner network in timely boost for retailers

Shoppers and retailers are set to enjoy a timely boost to tax free shopping.

With cross-border travel ramping up again and thousands of tourists arriving in Europe, shoppers and retailers are set to enjoy a timely boost to tax free shopping thanks to a new partnership between Sitoo and Pie VAT.

Pie VAT is a cloud-native app with the purpose of simplifying tax free shopping for tourists and retailers.

The app, which is 100% free for both shoppers and retailers, provides tourists with the market’s highest refunds and retailers with the best tools to provide convenient tax free to their tourist customers. PIE streamlines and enhances the entire tax free shopping journey, driving greater happiness for tourists and more revenue for retail partners.

According to Anders Thorup-Jensen (GM at Pie VAT), reducing the complexity around VAT returns helps retailers significantly improve customer experience.
“There’s a growing number of brands across Europe who understand that customer centric businesses are the ones that succeed,” he says. “The best thing about Pie for shoppers is it makes life easy – it’s all about the holistic experience the customer gets.

“And the same goes for retailers, they don’t have to worry about unnecessary paperwork because they know everything is taken care of in the app. They are also provided with a suite of analytics and tools to engage their foreign visitors and maximize their potential.”

As part of the partnership between Sitoo and Pie VAT, a standard integration has been developed so both systems can talk to each other and the Pie VAT functionality can live within the Sitoo POS.

Anders Thorup-Jensen adds: “For us to provide value to the stores, we need to be able to interact with everyone from the store associates through to the CFO. And that’s why having a partner like Sitoo, who anchors Unified Commerce with a game-changing POS system, is essential for us. We see Sitoo as being one of the winning POS providers in the market right now and we both want to work with brands who understand the importance of tech to the future of retail.”

With trend-setting customers like Shaping New Tomorrow and Les Deux already set to harness the power of this new integration, the future promises to be one full of possibilities.

Jens Levin, Sitoo Co-Founder and CEO, adds: “Pie VAT sees the world in the same way as we do and understands how important cloud-native, mobile first tech is to the future of the industry. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible and we’re incredibly excited to develop this partnership even further in order to bring more value to retailers across the globe.”

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