Partners - 2022/11/22

Omnium:retail provides exciting partnership for Sitoo 

Leading retail tech providers have joined force to help retailers reap the benefits of omnichannel retail.

Integration specialists Omnium:retail have joined forces with leading Unified Commerce Platform and POS provider, Sitoo, to help retailers across Europe reap the benefits of omnichannel retail.

As well as helping set up the Sitoo Platform so it’s compliant in Portugal, Omnium:retail have used their integration expertise to connect Sitoo customer Eton Shirts to NK Marketplace – part of one of Sweden’s most prestigious department stores.

Omnium:retail has created a platform that connects different retail systems so that retailers can centralize their information and easily manage their businesses between the physical and digital worlds.

Frederico Couceiro, Executive Director at Omnium:retail explains: “For Eton Shirts we have created an integration between Sitoo and NK Marketplace that lets product, stock and other information flow seamlessly between Sitoo and the marketplace.” 

“The integration allows Eton to list and sell products on NK Marketplace and allows for orders to be fulfilled through local Eton stores/warehouses. It enhances Eton’s omnichannel offering and helps them optimize their inventory. Now that the integration is set up, it’s available for any other retailers who need an integration between Sitoo and NK Marketplace.”

Part of the focus of both Sitoo and Omnium:retail is to make life easier for retailers. In this instance, by taking care of a complex integration, it frees up the retailer’s time to focus purely on the business of retail – not worrying about IT set ups.

Frederico Couceiro adds: “Retail IT departments are usually focussed on the operational process of selling and maintaining their physical and digital business. Our experience has shown us that, when a retailer must do an integration like this between two different environments, a little bit of expert help goes a long way.”

“When we take care of these integrations we’re also helping retailers future-proof their IT architecture. For example, when a piece of software is updated, we make sure the integration is updated to which saves the retailer the time – and cost – of having to pay the supplier to set it up from scratch every time there’s a significant software update.”

Alongside setting up the integration between Sitoo, Eton Shirts and NK Marketplace, Omnium:retail have helped Sitoo go live in the first stores in Portugal.

Frederico Couceiro says: “GNG is a big retailer in Portugal. They have more than 60 stores already and they plan to grow to more than 70 by 2023. They operate Levi’s, Adidas and Dockers stores under franchise agreements.”

“When they wanted to update their POS they found Sitoo and they saw Sitoo could work across different platforms, had an API-first approach and a huge number of easy-to-use APIs, and could connect their digital and physical channels. But they needed help to implement it and so they reached out to us at Omnium to help.” 

“Since then we’ve worked closely with Sitoo to help develop features that are critical for the Portuguese and Spanish markets – and to help ensure Sitoo is compliant with Portuguese fiscal law. We’re now set to go live in the first stores which is a hugely exciting time for everyone.”

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, adds: “From day one we really hit it off with Fred and the Omnium:retail team. Like us, they don’t see problems, they see solutions. With both the integration to NK Marketplace and the work they’ve done to help make Sitoo compliant in Portugal, we’re excited to be sharing our journey with them.”

Retail Tips

It’s a no brainer that retailers should be focussing on the digital. Omnichannel has been around for several years and most retailers are working towards it in one way or another. Structuring the way to do it, by centralizing data and data integrations, will put them in the best possible place to keep up with technology as it advances.

Retailers want to be able to leverage their business with automation, driven by AI and Machine Learning algorithms. But, at present, most retailers are missing the structure that allows them to do this.

That’s why I say focus on the data. We don’t know what the next-gen of tech is going to bring so putting themselves in the best position to fully utilize new tech is one of the best things retailers can be doing right now. – Frederico Couceiro, Executive Director, Omnium:retail.

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