Customers - 2023/08/29

YAYA choose Sitoo to power international growth

The dutch lifestyle brand has chosen Sitoo to align all its sales channels.

Founded in 1992, YAYA began life focusing on wholesale before transforming into what it is now: a Dutch lifestyle brand for women who like to strike the perfect balance between stylish and casual. 

With 32 concept stores in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and Ireland – and more openings planned – YAYA needed to find a modern, mobile-first POS solution that was compliant in multiple international markets and would help align all their stores.

Patrick Draijer, YAYA owner and Sales Director, explains: “Previously, we used to have different POS systems for our different stores in different markets. At the end of 2021, we decided we needed to align all our stores and also connect them with our ecommerce.”

We also wanted to streamline the checkout process and put ourselves in the position where we could easily introduce omnichannel capabilities, new loyalty features and drop shipments.
– Patrick Draijer, YAYA owner and Sales Director

“For us, the end game has always been to empower and enable the end customer. A big driver behind the move to get a modern POS system was to find a solution that will help us get a 360° view of our customers and better insight into how they really behave. And the ability to, in line with these insights, continuously adapt and improve our customer service.”

“We needed to find a solution that was modern, internationally capable, API-driven, easy to integrate with our ecomm and loyalty system and easy to use for our Store Associates.”

Sitoo was the perfect choice. They offered everything we were looking for, it’s close to being plug-and-play, it’s easy to implement and we can now offer way more services through our POS than we could do previously.
– Patrick Draijer, YAYA owner and Sales Director

Speaking about the new partnership, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, Jens Levin, says Sitoo will play a pivotal role in enabling YAYA to seamlessly navigate diverse markets and offer seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

He adds: “YAYA represents a significant milestone for us as one of our first customers in the Netherlands. The team at the top have lived and breathed retail for over 30 years. It’s hugely impressive how they’ve evolved and adapted into the brand they are today. We’re thrilled to be working alongside them and can’t wait to see where their growth journey takes them.”

As part of the journey towards delivering a seamless omnichannel experience to its customers, YAYA is also using payment and loyalty solutions from long-term Sitoo partners, Adyen and Voyado. Both of these solutions integrate out-of-the-box with Sitoo and help to create a simple, straight-forward, and immensely powerful ecosystem for retailers like YAYA.

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