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Under Armour – Welcome to the family!

Under Armour chooses Sitoo to power Nordic launch

Global fitness apparel giant, Under Armour, have chosen Sitoo’s mPOS system to use in their first Nordic Brand House and grow with them across the region. The new Under Armour Brand House has just opened in the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia and is being run by Nordic Retail and Sports (NRS). The NRS Team promises to give customers a first-class experience and is making customer service its number one priority.

“People are already familiar with the Under Armour brand but they want to come in to touch, feel and experience the products,” says Peter Lindståhl, CEO at NRS. “Many brands offer similar products so, for us, it’s about creating an experience for the customer where they feel like they’ve received incredibly good service, the staff were genuinely interested in them and they leave with what they wanted. Service is the primary weapon we have.

”This was one of the key reasons for Under Armour and NRS choosing Sitoo’s mobile POS system to power their cash registers. Thanks to the ease-of-use, functionality and future-facing approach Sitoo offers, the store associates in the new Under Armour store will be able to focus their energy on providing great customer service rather than worrying about how the POS system works. Peter Lindståhl adds: “Many POS systems are too complicated and it takes ages to learn everything needed to handle and understand them, we appreciate the simplicity.”

“We scanned the market of POS-providers and found Sitoo, who remind us of ourselves. We want to make our customers perform their best in the sports they love. And Sitoo want to make the best mPOS for retailers and make them better, nothing else.” “We want to focus on selling clothes so we don’t have time for cashier issues. Sitoo allows us to do this by being both high tech and easy to work with. Sitoo feels right, sits at the front of the industry and knows retail. They have taken the best out of everything, based on their experience, and added it into their mPOS.”

“We got the right feeling for Sitoo and, for us, the personal contact and the relationship with them was a decisive factor when making our choice. It was an easy choice. Customers expect more today and with Sitoo we’ve got everything in place to offer that shopping experience to our customers.”

“The fact Sitoo automates many processes, is cloud-based and integrates seamlessly with other systems in the retail environment (like loyalty-club provider, Voyado) were also key factors in the decision-making process.”

Jens Levin, Sitoo Co-founder and CEO, says: “We’re delighted to be working with Nordic Retail and Sports and Under Armour. They are planning to open their next store in spring 2020 before expanding to Norway, Denmark and Finland, and we’re perfectly positioned to help them do this.” “We bring a razor-sharp focus to creating the best mPOS system in the world for global enterprise retailers. It’s fantastic this has been recognised and we know it will help them deliver the level of customer service they expect.”

On September 28 Under Armour Brand House joins Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in celebrating the re-branding of the Mall – Westfields Mall of Scandinavia. This weekend and the following week will be filled with competitions, training sessions on the rooftop, secret activities and finally an exclusive live concert with the world famous pop star Rita Ora followed by fireworks.

Visit the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia on Saturday, September 28 to see the store, the entertainment and all the activities for yourself!

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