Customers - 2021/04/29

The Couture Club – Welcome to the family!

The European fashion brand has unlocked the power of unified commerce.

One of the hottest and fastest-growing fashion brands in Europe has unlocked the power of unified commerce thanks to Sitoo.

The Couture Club, based out of the UK, has seen phenomenal growth since it was established in 2015. Combining a passion for fashion with a passion for business, The Couture Club has gone from being a ‘bedroom brand’ to hosting launch parties with pop royalty and having queues in the 1000s for new store openings.

With international expansion on the cards – and pop-up stores planned in some of Europe’s premier cities, including Berlin and Barcelona – The Couture Club needed to find a POS and unified commerce solution that would be cost effective with rich functionality while at the same time being easy to use and built for scale.

“Historically, we’ve always struggled finding a POS system that does everything we want it to do,” says Scott Shashua, MD at The Couture Club. “We’ve been through three different suppliers and found them to be expensive with poor support.

“The biggest problem we’ve always faced is data not syncing up the way it should. Our main stock is held in warehouses and the fulfillment into stores was never quick enough. This meant the stores never had the stock levels that they required because all the processes were manual. And the whole fluidity of being able to replenish the stores and the functionality of how our product barcodes should work has never been there.

“Poor functionality meant we were losing revenue and our customers weren’t having the kind of experience we want to give them.”

With a business model built around using pop-up stores as marketing vehicles in premium retail locations – in places including Mancheste, Newcastle and London – it was vital for The Couture Club to find a solution that could match their ambition and vision.

Sitoo has been fantastic and I was blown away with the features.

– Scott Shashua, MD at The Couture Club

“Our whole business is based around retention and, with our old provider, there was no way to get email addresses from our customers at check-out and when they came into the store we didn’t have any details about their previous shopping behaviour, says Scott Shashua.

“We introduced a loyalty programme in the UK’s first lockdown that registers our customers spend with us online, but we never could mirror this in store with our previous POS system. This meant our customers weren’t getting their loyalty benefits – Sitoo is the solution to this problem.

“Sitoo has been phenomenal for us. Not just in terms of stock replenishment, visibility of orders and what’s selling and what’s not selling but also in how it’s helped incentivise our staff. Because we can now more effectively track what we’re selling, we can incentivise our team to hit sales targets – and our staff can see how they are performing in real-time rather than having to wait three days for a report to be put together. It leads to more camaraderie and a stronger culture.

“Sitoo is seamless and, out of the box, everything works as you’d expect it to. It’s such a simple system to use and it’s so easy to set up.”

Our plan is to grow and expand, especially with international pop-up stores, and Sitoo has given us the confidence to do this in the best and most cost effective way.

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, adds: “The Couture Club are a fantastic success story. They are a young, dynamic, forward thinking brand who put their customers at the heart of what they do. We’re excited to be on this journey with them and look forward to seeing how they grow in the coming year.”

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