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Oscar Jacobson – Welcome to the family!

Sitoo ticked all the boxes for the premium brand.

Prestigious Swedish fashion retailer, Oscar Jacobson, has turned to POS and Unified Commerce Platform provider, Sitoo, to help turbocharge the next stage of their growth journey.

Oscar Jacobson was founded in 1903 and was one of the first menswear brand to manufacture suits that were ready to wear off the shelf and didn’t require bespoke tailoring. For more than 100 years, it remained a classic brand and has now become a complete lifestyle brand rather than just focusing on suits.

Retail Support Manager at Oscar Jacobson, Gabriel Norberg, explains:

“Today we have stores across Sweden and Norway and we’ve established ourselves as a premium menswear brand in the Nordics,” he says. “We knew we needed to find a new point of sale platform that we could expand with and that could help with our growth and development. We were looking for a supplier that was established in premium, high-end fashion and Sitoo was a good match.

Alongside the appeal of the features and functionality stacked into Sitoo, Oscar Jacobson wanted a solution that matched the clean, luxurious aesthetic of their stores.

Gabriel Norberg adds: “We want to make our products as perfect as possible. Sitoo matches the aesthetic of our products and our stores. Where before we had big, cumbersome computers for our cash registers, we now have sleek, smooth iPads and it makes a difference to the feeling we want to create in our stores.

“Design and a bigger picture lifestyle are all part of our brand so we wanted a solution to fit with this which Sitoo does – it adds to the luxurious and genuine feeling we want to create in our stores. Alongside this customers want smooth payments and digital receipts which Sitoo gives us.”

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO of Sitoo, says: “Oscar Jacobson’s products are timeless classics and now their growth is bridging these into retail’s new world. They fully understand the importance of physical stores and we’re excited to help and support them on the next stage of their growth journey.”

Retail Tips

“My top tip for other retailers would be to take your time and do your homework properly when you’re looking for new systems and integrations. That’s what we did. Get everything right from the beginning and then you can develop it from there. And, by taking our time and not rushing into it, we were able to integrate our systems in a way that gives us all the information we need about our customers in one place.” Gabriel Norberg, Retail Support Manager, Oscar Jacobson.

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