Customers - 2020/10/15

Nilson Group – Welcome to the family!

Nilson Group is rolling out Sitoo across their 200+ stores.

One of Scandinavia’s leading shoe retailers Nilson Group, with brands like DinSko, Nilson Shoes, Skopunkten and ECCO, is taking a giant step into the future of retail as they roll out a new unified commerce platform and POS across their stores.

The family-run Nilson Group – whose mission is to make shoe shopping easy, fun, and inspiring – was established in 1955 and has now more than 200 stores, with approx. 2,000 employees, in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Their search for a best-of-breed unified commerce platform with a mobile POS led them to Sitoo, one of the fastest growing and forward thinking vendors in the industry.

“The previous platform we were using was built with old technology and couldn’t perform like we needed it to. Just adding a feature like contactless payments would have taken a significant period of time and would have cost us a lot of money,” says Anders Ammilon, Business Process & IT Development Manager at Nilson Group.

"We thought we could get around this by building our own app to handle unified commerce but we realised our time and resources would be better spent finding a best-of-breed solution like Sitoo."

“Trying to cope with unified commerce features like stock handling and inventory management in our own app was hard, as was making sure all the legal requirements related to the system were being met – with Sitoo it was easy. And now we also have far less maintenance to worry about and can focus on important things like team development instead. Furthermore, we’ve been able to scrap old systems and make our IT environment much stronger and more flexible.”

From day one, the relationship between Sitoo and Nilson Group has been strong and has led to fast implementation and roll out alongside the development of exciting new features in the software like the runner functionality Nilson Group will be using to improve their in-store experience.

Anders adds: “Sitoo are very forward thinking, easy to work with, they listen to us, and we have one point of contact – something we didn’t have with our previous supplier.”

"Using Sitoo means it’s easier for us to open new cash registers in our stores, to open new stores, to run pop-ups, and to be more mobile and faster in store – something we know our customers will welcome."

There’s an increasing pressure on retail stores – compounded by the events of 2020 – which means customer experience has to be exceptional all the time. Nilson Group believes a modern POS solution will play a big role in helping them take their customer experience to the next level.

“Since there are less people in stores, it’s more important than ever for us to fulfil our customers’ needs,” says Anders. Sitoo integrates seamlessly with Voyado, the CRM solution we’re using, which makes it easy for our associates to provide a more personalized service to our customers. It also integrates with Episerver, our ecommerce platform, meaning online orders can be picked up and returned in our stores.”

And, because Sitoo is so simple to use, it makes training of our associates easier and quicker, giving us even more customer facing time.

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, concludes: “Nilson Group is a household name throughout Scandinavia. After a successful pilot, they are now rolling out Sitoo across their stores. They have a reputation for excellence and we’re excited to see what they’ll be able to achieve with a modern unified commerce platform and POS.”

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