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DK Company – Welcome to the family!

Multi-brand fashion group DK Company gets Sitoofied.

One of Europe’s leading suppliers of fashion and lifestyle brands is embracing digital transformation and stepping into the future of retail with the roll-out of a new Unified Commerce Platform and point of sale (POS) system.

DK Company has more than 1500 retail employees and 200 stores with retail chains like b.young, Fransa, Solid-stores, and Compagni. These stores include brands like Pulz, Ichi, Saint Tropez, Blend & Solid and more. DK Company has chosen Sitoo and its market-leading Unified Commerce Platform and POS to transform customer experience, enhance fulfillment options, and simplify the company’s IT architecture.

Brian Duus, Retail Director at DK Company, says the need to integrate a number of different retail chains under one system was the key driver in the search for a new Unified Commerce Platform and POS.

“We’re a fast growing company and our journey has seen us buy up a number of retail businesses,” Brian Duus says. “Each business had a different POS and our plan has been to find one integrated POS for all our different systems that can fit seamlessly into the company’s wider systems.

We’re making a big step forward here by choosing Sitoo.

– Brian Duus, Retail Director at DK Company

 “Firstly, we wanted to find a system that’s secure, makes daily life easier for our store associates, and will help future proof our operations and business. Our previous system has been in place for nearly 20 years so we’re making a big step forward here by choosing Sitoo.”

With Sitoo, store associates will be able to see all stock levels across all stores and online in real-time. Previously, if an item wasn’t in stock or the customer needed a different size, the store associate would have to phone around different stores to check if they had the required item.

It’s like driving a Tesla rather than an old Skoda.

– Brian Duus, Retail Director at DK Company

Brian Duus continues: “One of our employees could make up to ten phone calls to see if another store has what the customer wants and still not find it. With Sitoo, this will happen instantly. We’re running a pilot in three stores and already the feedback has been incredibly positive. It’s like driving a Tesla rather than an old Skoda. This year we’ll have 110 stores running Sitoo.”

DK Company’s Customer Club plays a crucial role in their business and, with Sitoo, DK Company now has a system that will integrate with their loyalty program.

Brian Duus adds: “Sitoo is an open platform with open APIs that can integrate with a lot of external partners. This is really important for us and gives us a huge amount of flexibility. Together with the unified commerce capabilities of Sitoo, it means we’re in a great place as we move into the future.

“Sitoo will help make lives easier for our store associates and allow us to give our customers the kind of shopping experiences they want.”

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, adds: “We know this will be a huge step forward for DK Company. We’re already seeing the impact Sitoo can have on their business, customers and store associates through the pilot project. We’re looking forward to seeing them reap the benefits of having a modern unified commerce platform and POS in place when it’s rolled out fully across all their stores.”

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