Customers - 2021/05/03

Mateus – Welcome to the family!

The luxury lifestyle brand turns its unified commerce vision into a reality.

Leading luxury lifestyle brand, Mateus, have chosen Sitoo as their POS in order to turn their unified commerce vision into a reality.

Mateus has been producing handmade and hand-painted quality ceramics for over 25 years. With online sales booming and the Mateus Flagship store – which opened in 2017 – becoming an increasingly popular destination for seasoned shoppers, Mateus needed to find a unified commerce platform and POS solution that would allow them to seamlessly integrate their physical and digital sales channels.

The store has been growing since day one.
Josefine Jonsson, Digital Manager at Mateus

“The growing stream of customers combined with a brand new website built on the ecommerce platform Centra, led to the decision to go with a new POS.

“The challenges we were facing were that our customers needed to see the store stock online and we needed greater control over our stock and orders. We needed to be more fast paced, have fast stock updates and have a great product overview within the POS.

“Stores today aren’t closed rooms where you exchange money for products. Rather, they’re an open space where customers have needs and command flexibility regarding their purchases. We always have the drive to keep moving forward, and to reach our vision we need a POS with the flexibility of an open API.”

The fact Sitoo integrates with Centra, is modern and flexible, and is packed full of features Mateus needs – including being able to easily scale-up – were key reasons driving the decision to go with Sitoo.

“Everything about working with Sitoo has been easy. It’s been easy to sync products from the library in Centra, easy to connect to Fortnox for reports and booking, and easy to get everything set up in store – with great management from our project leader at Sitoo.

It’s more important than ever before to meet customer needs and expectations. As a consumer today, you expect to get live updates regarding stock and also for all sales channels to be connected.

“The customer journey doesn’t stop and starts. It is more of a never ending circle with different types of touchpoints. Mateus is all handmade and every product is unique, some customers really like to see and feel the products before purchasing the product – so physical retail is incredibly important to us.

“Sitoo are helping us stay one step ahead, be flexible and give our customers what they want, when they want it.”

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, adds: “Mateus are a fantastic success story and they continue to grow, going from strength to strength. The team there really understands the importance of assembling all the right pieces of the retail puzzle and putting them together in a way that helps them create a best-in-class customer experience.”

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