Customers - 2021/08/21

Lagerhaus - Welcome to the family!

Lagerhaus becomes the next retailer to put their main focus on self-checkout with Sitoo.

Sweden’s retail giant, Lagerhaus, are transforming their stores with Sitoo POS - especially the self-checkout option.

Lagerhaus went from two regular POS to 4-10 self-checkouts plus the one stationery POS (which are only used if necessary) giving them 11 checkout points.

Former Head of Digital Operations at Lagerhaus, Bradley Coyne, says “Now, 90% of sales in the big cities go through the self-checkout counters (60% in the smaller ones) and the average monetary purchase has increased by 10%. Moreover, the average basket size has increased by roughly 33% percent.” 

Not only did it make perfect sense for Lagerhaus to implement self-checkout, but, more importantly, it freed up the time of the store associates, who are now able to support the customers on the floor, enhancing the overall customer experience as well as devoting time to retail operations, such as real-time inventory corrections, visual merchandising and in-store team-training.

We’re delighted to be working with Lagerhaus and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

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