Customers - 2022/02/21

Eton - Welcome to the family!

We’re delighted to be helping Eton turn their omnichannel vision into a reality.

Eton once set out to perfect the sharp dress shirt. In the process they pioneered the wrinkle-free cotton shirt and revolutionized the industry. Today, they continue to build on their legacy and commitment to menswear, championing craftsmanship and style for all of life’s occasions. Their design philosophy revolves around expressing individuality and inspiring confidence through taste.

And we’re delighted to be helping them turn their omnichannel vision into a reality.

As Global Operations Manager at Eton Shirts, Nikos Delinikos, explains: “We need to bring the digital and physical together. If you don’t have a platform to do this, then you’re missing out completely. 

“The platform is extremely necessary and with Sitoo we can incorporate both ecomm and physical retail together in perfect harmony. It gives us the perfect set up and foundations to start building more - and better - experiences in the stores. 

There’s a lot of companies who are offering omni solutions to retailers but, in my opinion, there’s still just a small handful of companies who really understand the omni way of thinking. Sitoo has the retail experience and the ecomm experience and this shows through the expertise and knowledge they give us.”

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