Customers - 2021/07/08

Efva Attling – Welcome to the family

Renowned jeweller creates a seamless cross-channel customer experience.

Renowned jeweller, Efva Attling, has chosen Sitoo as its POS and Unified Commerce Platform to create a seamless cross-channel customer experience.

As one of the biggest jewellery brands in the Nordics, the customer experience plays a vital role in Efva Attling’s ongoing success. That’s why – to keep pace with changing customer behaviors and new ways of shopping – the decision was taken to upgrade to a new system.

“Previously we were using very old and incompatible systems,” says Jenny Blomberg, Retail Manager at Efva Attling. “Our ecommerce required too much development to integrate with our other systems and we were entirely dependent on expensive consultants.”

Sitoo has everything we wanted.

– Jenny Blomberg, Retail Manager at Efva Attling

“We were stuck and we were dependent on someone else for every tiny change we needed to make. We wanted to find the best system for our staff and for our customers – and Sitoo has everything we wanted.”

As well as being incredibly user friendly, making it easy for online orders to be returned in store, and being able to issue digital receipts, the ability to have enhanced product information within the Sitoo POS was a huge draw for Efva Attling. 

Petra Dranger Jendermyr, Marketing and E-commerce Director at Efva Attling, adds: “We have complex products in our stores with rich stories behind them and our sales staff need to be able to access all this information to do their jobs in the best possible way.

Previously we relied on product catalogues and lots of different lists on paper. This has now all been transformed to be digital and can be accessed through the POS.

We want to give our customers the same experience wherever they meet us.

Jenny continues: “We want to give our customers the same experience wherever they meet us. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Instagram shopping, or in a physical store, or in our ecommerce store – it has to be the same. We want the same information on our website as we have in store and we can do this with Sitoo.

“Implementation was very smooth, the feedback from our staff has been extremely positive and we got all the support we needed from the team at Sitoo.”

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, adds: “Efva Attling are a household name in Sweden and have forged a reputation for having outstanding customer service. We know with the Sitoo POS and Unified Commerce Platform they will be able to take their customer experience to the next level and keep pace with the changes sweeping through retail at this moment in time.” 

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