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ASKET chooses Sitoo to power first physical retail store.

One of Europe’s fastest growing and most exciting menswear brands has chosen Sitoo as the Unified Commerce Platform and POS to power their first physical retail store. 

The move will make use of Sitoo’s webhooks, giving ASKET the ability to see all the order history and handle a customer that started the journey online before moving to the physical store – and vice-versa.

Founded in 2015 in Stockholm, by August Bard-Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky, ASKET have swiftly established themselves as pioneers in the menswear space with their mission to end over consumption and restore value to the apparel industry.

Their online presence has spearheaded transparency and accountability, swiftly helping them amass a strong following across the continent. As co-founder August Bard-Bringéus explains, the next natural step was to open a physical retail store – which they did earlier in 2021.

We know our customers, ideally, want to try before they buy.

– August Bard-Bringéus, co-founder of ASKET

“We see the store as an opportunity to offer an immersive and transparent experience, beyond what we’ve been able to offer online,” he says. “We know our customers, ideally, want to try before they buy and most people want to have the opportunity to try something on.”

When searching for a POS system, ASKET needed to find a solution that integrated seamlessly with their e-commerce store, was simple to use and could easily be scaled and rolled out internationally.

August says: “We had to find something to match our future needs. We wanted to find a system we could use internationally, that connects with a wide range of payment providers and, most importantly, integrates with Centra, our e-commerce platform.

We had to find something to match our future needs.

“Our biggest challenge was to provide an online experience that’s as streamlined and synchronised as possible, and having all the data synced across our systems so we get one single holistic view on the customer and all the orders.

“This, alongside the work Sitoo has done with webhooks that allow us to see all the order history and handle a customer that started the journey online before moving to the physical store – and vice versa – is why we chose Sitoo.”

The integration with Centra and the webhook functionality was enhanced by Made People, e-commerce agency responsible for ASKET’s e-commerce store, who played a crucial role in delivering the end result ASKET wanted.

Jonathan Selander, CEO of Made People, says: “We worked closely with ASKET and Sitoo to enhance the existing Centra integration. Thanks to the work we’ve done, the physical store automatically became part of the same data collection systems we have online and creates a unified commerce flow that is perfectly suited to ASKET’s needs. And, because of the way the integration has been set up, setting up new physical stores within Centra can be done with a couple clicks in the CMS.”  

ASKET also needed to find a POS system that would work with their proprietary sizing. With so many sizing options available, it’s impossible for ASKET to have all the sizes in stock in one store. So they needed a POS that could make fulfillment from their central warehouse to the customer’s home easy and straightforward – another role that Sitoo does. 

August concludes: “With the launch of the new store, we’re hoping to see a general increase in brand awareness and an increase in our Net Promoter Score and customer satisfaction ratings because of the personal service and experience our customers will get in the store.”

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO at Sitoo, adds: “ASKET are game-changers in the way they approach transparency and accountability in the apparel industry. They aren’t afraid to do things differently and it’s an approach that echoes our own. 

“They’ve enjoyed phenomenal online growth and we’re excited to be part of their expansion into the physical retail space.”

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