Customers - 2023/11/23

Aiayu – Welcome to the family!

We’re delighted to welcome premium womenswear brand Aiayu to us.

Copenhagen isn’t just home to picturesque canals and some of the best cuisine in the world…it’s also the place premium womenswear brand, Aiayu, calls home.

Copenhagen-based Aiayu, is run by the female duo, Creative Director and Founder, Maria Høgh Heilmann, and CEO, Maria Glæsel. Aiayu is synonymous with premium quality, responsibility, and ethically sourced natural materials.

Meaning “soul” in the indigenous Bolivian language of Aymara, Aiayu was founded in 2005 by Maria Høgh Heilmann, who launched the brand with a collection of pieces made from Bolivian llama wool. 

Since then, the brand has expanded to include clothing and home accessories made from Mongolian sartuul sheep and yak wool, Nepalese cashmere, and GOTS certified organic cotton, and now has stores across Denmark.

We’re delighted to welcome Aiayu to the Sitoo family and can’t wait to work alongside them on the next stage of their journey.

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