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The top takeaways from the world’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair.

Did you miss out on EuroShop? No worries. We’ve got you covered with the top three takeaways.

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EuroShop is the Retail event of the year in Europe. This year, 2300 exhibitors from 57 nations came to Düsseldorf, and the halls at the Messe were filled with every solution that a brand could wish for, from hardware to software, manufacturing needs to store design.

Sitoo teamed up with partner Star Micronics and a group of experts, to demonstrate Sitoo’s innovative cloud-native mPOS and omnichannel platform and how it helps global retailers stay ahead of the competition, sell everywhere and fulfill anywhere.

Did you miss out on EuroShop? No worries. We’ve got you covered with the top three takeaways.

1. Data driven commerce

Brands are now focused on how data can be accumulated and used as a driver for better customer communication and loyalty. However, greater customer knowledge is only a part of that equation. The data needs to be converted into actionable tasks, delivered to the store, the region and the brand.

2. Omnichannel

The omnichannel buzzword still resonates across the region, each brand having their own understanding of the statement. Despite the disparity in the definition, each brand recognizes the impact of needing such a strategy, and the impact of not having this in place. Aligning the strategy is a key part of the success of retailing, ensuring the customer needs of seamless cross channel experience, to ensure customer retention.

3. Fulfillment/Supply chain optimization

Speed of fulfillment for the customer order is becoming more essential as the customer follows a ‘want now’ mentality. Geography and location can no longer be a barrier to the completion of the customer purchase. And this requires new thinking, not only in the customer facing technology and omnichannel experience, but back across the entire supply chain. Brands are under more pressure than before to shorten lead times.

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