How to maximize sales & improve CX with integrated data

Understanding the relationship between footfall & sales with a data-driven approach

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The Inevitable Force of Data

Improving customer experience (most often referred to as CX) is one of the hottest topics in retail right now. However, ‘above and beyond’ CX can’t be achieved without the help of data and all it encompasses.

Data - and more specifically how data is used - shapes our everyday lives. You might not realize it, but data accompanies you throughout almost every aspect of your life. It influences what content we interact with on social media, what TV shows we stream, what music we listen to and, most importantly, what we buy and who we buy it from.

Using and understanding data - and getting it in real time - is essential if you wish to optimize your store and improve CX.

As forward-thinking retailers, you are probably already aware of the concept of data. You use data every day to help maximize your sales and improve CX. However, you mostly utilize data to optimize with your online and digital sales channels.

In this guide we will show you:

  • Why harnessing the power of real time in-store data is crucial for building your stores of the future

  • The benefits of having an integrated approach to data

  • The tools that will help you maximize sales and improve CX

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