How Rally House sees instant ROI with Sitoo POS

Can a POS that requires little to no training give you instant ROI? Check the video to find out.

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How Rally House sees instant ROI with Sitoo POS

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Can a POS that requires little to no training give you instant ROI?

We live in a world of instant gratification. Think next or same-day deliveries, on-demand streaming, and smartphones that put the world at our fingertips. These conveniences have not only transformed our personal lives but they’ve set new expectations for how we expect tech to work.

It’s why, for retailers, the pressure is on not just to adopt new technology, but to implement solutions that are intuitive and easy to use - because this is what customers and store associates both expect.

Picture the scene, a bustling store filled with the latest gadgets and gizmos, a line of customers ready to make their purchases, and store associates navigating a complicated new Point of Sale (POS) system. The technology, brimming with potential, becomes a bottleneck rather than a facilitator, as associates struggle with the learning curve rather than engaging with customers.

Now, picture a different scene: a newly hired associate picks up a tablet featuring the latest POS software. It's their first day on the floor, and instead of fumbling through complicated menus and functions, they find themselves gliding through transactions just as easily as they’d use their new phone. The technology is intuitive, almost second nature, and within minutes, they are interacting with customers, processing sales, and managing returns without a hitch.

Pause for a minute and imagine the impact of a solution that requires little to no training—much like picking up an iPhone for the first time. It looks good right?

Intuitive technology - built with a MACH mindset -  means your team can start processing transactions, managing inventory, and serving customers faster than ever, potentially transforming your store's operations overnight. This not only improves your operational efficiency but also enhances customer service, leading to better customer satisfaction and loyalty—key drivers of immediate and long-term return on investment (ROI).

In this context, a POS system that's as straightforward as using a well-designed consumer app isn't just an operational choice; it's a strategic investment in the quality of your customer interactions and the morale of your team. Such a system ensures that your employees are more relaxed, less prone to errors, and have more time to engage with customers, delivering the kind of CX that defines leading retailers today.

The Rally House Story

You know just as well as we do how competitive retail is. It’s why the thought of implementing new tech can be incredibly daunting. Rolling out a new system - especially something like a POS - while ensuring staff can swiftly adapt without extensive downtime or training is no mean feat. However, it becomes way easier to manage when the tech in question is simple to use and just works.

Look at the example of US sports merchandise retailer, Rally House. In 2023, Rally House rolled a new POS out across 200 stores in four months. They were able to do this because they did their research and knew they’d found a system that would do exactly what it promised.

Rally House CEO, Aaron Liebert, explains: “When we were searching for a new POS, I visited five different Sitoo stores in Manhattan, and the main takeaway from every sales associate was clear: this is the easiest point of sale system I've ever used. I asked them about training, and they said they don't get any training - it's intuitive. For a company that believes in lean systems, I love the idea of no training." 

Rally House is growing quickly and this was another factor in their decision to opt for a POS system that’s a breeze to use.

Michael Martin, Regional Director at Rally House, adds: "As we open stores, sometimes opening seven stores a week, the ability to quickly train people and get them up to speed is crucial. We may just have a couple of days to get a store open and start doing business. A system that helps us be flexible, move quickly, and get the customer through a line quickly and efficiently really enhances our customer experience. In the past, slower systems created hiccups and poor customer experiences. We now know we have the perfect solution to support swift and scalable growth."

The impact of this for Rally House was instant. Since implementing a new POS, Rally House has seen:

1. ​​Reduced Support Calls: Sitoo's reliability has significantly decreased the number of support calls, allowing tech support staff to focus on other priorities without being constantly interrupted by technical issues with the POS system.

2. Improved Customer Capture Rate: With Sitoo, Rally House has nearly doubled its customer email capture rate at the POS, which has been a major factor in increasing their marketing reach and potentially covering the cost of Sitoo's implementation.

3. Enhanced Employee Experience: Rally House’s employees have reported a better experience in training and day-to-day operations, thanks to Sitoo’s intuitive system which means even the busiest sales periods are smooth sailing.

4. Increased Robustness and Reliability: Rally House now have a POS system that’s no longer a bottleneck but a strength in their retail operations, enhancing both customer and employee satisfaction.

In Summary

Rally House's experience illustrates that a POS system requiring minimal training can indeed deliver immediate ROI. The key benefits observed include:

Reduced Training Costs: Little to no training required, saving significant time and resources.

Faster Onboarding: New stores and employees become operational more quickly, crucial for rapid expansion.

Improved Customer Experience: Fast, efficient transactions even during peak times mean happier customers.

The case of Rally House convincingly supports the value of an easy-to-use, intuitive POS system, particularly when expanding rapidly and managing high volumes of customer traffic. 

So now, our challenge to you is this: Imagine stores where new hires aren’t bogged down by the dread of learning a complex system but are energized by the seamless integration of technology into their daily routines. 

This is where the story of immediate ROI begins to unfold—not just in increased sales but in enhanced customer experiences, lower training costs, and associates who feel empowered and confident from day one.

This isn't just about selling with efficiency; it's about creating an environment where technology amplifies the strengths of your team and transforms customer interactions from transactions to memorable experiences. The result? A faster return on investment, a happier workforce, and a customer base that grows not just through promotions and discounts but through positive, everyday interactions at the checkout.

If you want to level-up your POS tech without the burdens of complex implementation and training, then you’re in the right place, and we’d love to talk to you.

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