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5 ways Klarna In-store makes sense for your business

Why it makes perfect sense to give shoppers an easy and flexible way of paying in your retail store.

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Implementing Klarna In-store in Sitoo POS gives shoppers an easy and flexible way to pay in your bricks-and-mortar store. By meeting your customers' needs, not only do you make shopping smoooth, but you’ll also boost your bottom line. 

In the following article, you’ll learn the top 5 reasons why implementing Klarna In-store as a payment option makes sense.

1. Smoooth operation - for stores and customers

Payment is smoooth and easy with Klarna In-store in Sitoo POS. You simply retrieve the link via QR code from your POS. Your customer then completes the checkout on their device to authorize the automatic payment process. When the order is confirmed in the POS - the transaction is complete. Now that’s smoooth.

2. More options. Less risk

When you add Klarna In-store to your Sitoo POS, you don’t just get one payment method. You get 3 - Pay now, Invoice, or Down Payment. This means you can offer easy financing while Klarna takes all the risk. And your shoppers get the freedom to choose how and when to pay in your store.

3. Drive sales and AOV

Fast fashion retailers that offer Klarna as a payment option in-store have experienced a 61% increase in AOV (average order value). By providing a smoooth and seamless shopping experience, with no difference between your online and real-life store, it’s easy to meet the needs and demands of your customers. This means that it’s simple for shoppers to complete purchases, as well as increasing the AOV.

4. Elevated omnichannel experience

According to McKinsey, when shoppers combine browsing online with going to a physical store, the final spend is increased by 64%. With Sitoo POS combined with Klarna In-store, not only can you offer a true omnichannel experience by being wherever your customers are, but your shoppers also get complete payment freedom. And, by synchronizing your customer shopping experience online and in-store, it’s easier for them to make a confident purchase decision, which results in more sales for you. Win-win.

5. Make scaling-up easy

Because Klarna In-store elevates the shopping experience across all channels, it paves the way to scale up and future-proof your business. As this solution can be implemented in a growing number of markets without any hassle, it eliminates one of the biggest challenges retailers face when planning global expansion. It’s a no-brainer.

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