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10 benefits of a mobile point of sale

The benefits of a mobile point of sale and the impact they have on your customers, associates, and business.

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Improving in-store technology has fast become a top priority for the industry as retailers across the globe race to get ready for life in a post-pandemic world. 2020 saw a huge acceleration of digitalisation in retail - a trend that’s continued into 2021.

This has been centered around two key pillars: 

  • Improving operational and cost efficiencies and; 

  • Transforming the customer experience to accommodate new consumer behaviour.

It’s why more retailers than ever are embracing mobile point of sale (mPOS) technology. 

In the following article we’ll show you what the main benefits of a mobile point of sale are and the impact they have on your customers, associates, and business.

1. No need for expensive, bespoke hardware

With the POS as an app you can download full functionality on standard mobile devices like phones and tablets. Since the hardware is standard, it’s less expensive and easy to repair or exchange. And when the POS is a native app for either iOS or Android, it gives you a high level of performance and security, fast POS processes and a responsive interface. A native app makes the POS mobile-first and intuitive, and it gives store associates working with it, and customers using the CRM interface or the self-checkout a superior user experience. Standard hardware with a native app means store associates can handle all troubleshooting and all updates - eliminating all need for field service.

2. Contactless payments

Mobile contactless payments make your POS even more powerful. Contactless payments were on the rise before the pandemic but now your customers view them as a necessity rather than simply a ‘nice to have.’ More than half of Americans are now using some form of contactless payment, which include credit cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, according to Mastercard Contactless Consumer Polling. Contactless payment - which can also be used for curbside pickup - helps your customers feel safe (as they don’t have to touch any devices or sign with a pen) and gives them the convenience they want when they are shopping. 

3. Digital receipts

Digital receipts make your POS truly mobile. Alongside contactless payments, your customers now also expect digital receipts. Again, they are viewed as being safer, cleaner and more convenient. Furthermore, environmentally conscious consumers don’t want paper receipts and would rather go digital. In the UK, around 11.2 billion receipts were printed in 2019, at a cost of at least £32 million while 50% of high street brands still fail to offer a sustainable alternative to a paper receipt, according to Econsultancy. Offering digital receipts is a highly effective way of collecting email addresses from your customers which can then be added to your marketing database providing you’ve received permission from the customer to do so.

4. Super scalability

A cloud-native mobile point of sale is built for easy scaling and scale. It’s simple and straightforward to add new checkout options in store which allows you to provide a better service and avoid the costs of having to install additional cash registers.

What’s more, with mobile points of sale it becomes very easy to scale up and down in step with seasonal fluctuations. You can activate an extra POS within minutes. With all the built in functionality and access to the same information everywhere you activate a fully operational POS just by downloading an app on a mobile device. With contactless payments, built-in scanner/camera and digital receipts, all you need is a mobile device. 

5. Popup in no time

A mobile point of sale also makes it very easy to set up a pop-up store or bring a point of sale to an event or a trade show. As retail bounces back after COVID-19, pop-ups look set to play an increasingly important role. They are a perfect way for customers to experience your brand without you having to take the risk of investing in permanent premises. 

6. Line-busting checkout options

Customers hated lines before the pandemic. Now, with social distancing measures set to be in place for the foreseeable future, they hate them even more. Visits to physical stores are increasingly going to be purpose-driven. And, while your customers will still expect a great experience, they’ll also be less inclined to wait. 

With a mobile first and responsive POS you can choose to keep your checkout mobile or use the same solution to station your device on a counter or offer a self-checkout option. A combination of all three is the perfect line-busting strategy, keeps fast moving shoppers happy and can even increase your average order value.

Furthermore, safety while shopping is going to be a key concern for shoppers in a post-pandemic world. A mobile point of sale solution gives you the ability to take payments anywhere inside - or outside - the store. Not only does this help avoid lines, it also lets customers shop on their terms.

7. Built-in inventory management

The phone or tablet used for your mobile point of sale can also be used for stocktaking, inventory receiving, moving stock to other stores or back to a central warehouse. Accuracy is improved with partial cycle counts and with automated warehouse transfers - triggered by specific reason codes - minimizing mistakes. Stocktaking is traditionally executed twice a year which leaves a lot of time for stock discrepancies to enter the stock numbers. The ability to use the POS devices for stocktaking and cycle counts makes verifying your stock less of a hassle and it enables you to constantly eliminate mistakes to keep stock levels accurate

8. It looks great!

Stores where mPOS solutions are used look infinitely better than their counterparts that still have cash draws and registers taking up space. It’s a totally different experience when you walk into a store without a cumbersome cash register. There’s no sign that you’re going to be sold something so it, by default, becomes all about the customer experience. Physical retail spaces are becoming more like showrooms and places where customers come to understand, interact, and be inspired by the brand. mPOS solutions are vital to making this happen

9. Assisted selling made simple

Giving your staff the ability to complete multiple sales anywhere in the store rather than being confined to the sales counter will increase sales, lower waiting time, and remove the need to queue.

Mobility is key for successful assisted selling. When assisted selling is made simple through your mobile point of sale, everyone goes home happy. It’s the perfect way to stand out from your competition, build customer loyalty to generate long-term sales and make sure your customers feel time spent in your store is time well spent. 

10. Superstar store associates

Your associates are the key ingredient when it comes to delivering a knock-out customer experience. Not only does an industry-leading, cloud-native mobile point of sale give your associates more time to spend with your customers, it makes them happier by removing the frustrations they have when trying to deal with tech that doesn’t work or isn’t doing it’s job properly. 

With a mobile point of sale, your associates provide a better service and your customers can check out on the spot. This increases customer satisfaction and ultimately results in higher sales. By giving great people a great tool, you’ll be able to deliver that sought after customer experience.

In Summary

  • A cloud-native, mobile-first POS benefits your customers, your associates, and your business.

  • It will save you time and money while empowering your associates to focus on delivering an ‘above and beyond’ customer experience.

  • Native mPOS solutions are simple and intuitive. They require a fraction of the training of legacy solutions, are fast to roll-out and can be easily scaled up.

  • In a post-pandemic world, your customers will expect convenience and choice. A mPOS solution gives you the tools you need to provide this to them.

If you’d like to find out more about how a mPOS solution can benefit your business then we’d love to speak to you and give you a demonstration.

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