Customers - 2021/02/24

Baum und Pferdgarten – Welcome to the family!

Baum und Pferdgarten are all set to transform their customer experience.

Baum und Pferdgarten, the leading Danish fashion house with collections found in stores across 25 countries, are all set to transform their customer experience with the point of sale and unified commerce platform, Sitoo.

Baum und Pferdgarten were driven by the need to have a better integration between their online store and their bricks and mortar offering. At the same time, they were looking at providing unified commerce and a better experience to their customers.

“Our previous POS system didn’t play well with our online solution, it took up a lot of space in the store and it was difficult to use,” says Teis Bruun, CEO at Baum und Pferdgarten. “Not only is Sitoo an intuitive solution, it’s a POS we can run from an iPad or iPhone rather than a computer and a cash register. This helps save space but, more importantly, it removes a barrier between our associates and our customers which makes for a much better experience.”

“We have a 400 square meter store and our customers spend a lot of time with us. It’s like a social call and on their journey through the store they are offered drinks and made to feel at home. We’re constantly striving to do more for them and, with Sitoo, we can make life easier and more efficient for them by offering omnichannel fulfillment capabilities – like shipping an item we don’t have in-store to their home.”

"Sitoo also enables us to capture more data about our customers. For example, we can email them their invoice or receipt and keep track of the information we have on the customer so we can provide a better experience next time they enter the store."

Alongside integrating with Magento (Baum und Pferdgarten’s eComm solution) Sitoo also integrates easily with TRIMIT (the industry-focused ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, implemented by CORNATOR) and their business intelligence solution. This means Baum und Pferdgarten are able to see all their data, in one place, in real time, helping them make better decisions and giving them full visibility of all aspects of the business.

“The backbone of our company is innovation,” adds Teis Bruun, “and this is something we saw in Sitoo from our first meeting – I could feel they wanted to create a great experience for our company. They’re very solution orientated and have a pioneering spirit where they have made a great solution. They have the right attitude and part of the reason we chose them was because we knew they would get everything rolled out in the best possible way.

Sitoo will help us make our in-store journey more enjoyable, more relaxed, more intuitive and will give us more opportunities to sell the different offerings we have in the store.

“Last year accelerated the transition from physical to digital but bricks and mortar stores still have a bright future. As a customer, when you are together with a really good sales advisor, it’s a fantastic experience and that’s what people love about physical shopping. Online shopping is very efficient but very flat. Sitoo will help us make our in-store journey more enjoyable, more relaxed, more intuitive and will give us more opportunities to sell the different offerings we have in the store.”

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO of Sitoo, adds: “Baum und Pferdgarten have a fantastic reputation for being one of fashion’s leading and most pioneering retailers. Now, with a seamless integration between their online and physical stores, they’ll be able to raise the bar even higher. They have always made customer experience their number one priority and we know our solution will help take their CX to the next level.”

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