Customers - 2020/05/07

Hestra – Welcome to the family!

The gloves are off as digital transformation accelerates at Hestra.

For 80 years, Hestra, one of the world’s leading glove developers, have made it their business to provide hands from people all across the globe with warmth, protection, and fingertip sensitivity in varied conditions.

Now, with a presence in over 30 countries, Hestra have taken the decision to accelerate their digital transformation in order to enhance their customer service, make their storefront operations more efficient, and simplify their back-office processes.

The first step in this transformation has been to choose Sitoo as their mPOS platform. Janne Hellgren, the Retail Manager at Hestra, says:

"Changing the POS system in our stores is one of our first steps to make Hestra more digital. This will be followed by a new ecommerce platform and the natural step will then be to connect the two systems."

“Our traditional legacy POS system has a clunky interface and generates a lot of manual processes which are very time consuming and also lead to quite a few mistakes. We’ve also struggled extracting the right kind of statistics for reports and, to keep historical data, we’ve had to rely on print outs.

“For example, if we wanted to check availability in our central warehouse stock, we’d have to go to the back office computer and log into the ERP system. What’s more, all our deliveries have to be ticked off manually, all Z-reports are manual, and it’s hard to keep track of stock as each time we do inventory we have to rent special equipment. This means we only do inventory twice a year.”

When searching for a modern, mPOS platform, Hestra were looking for a system that would enable them to sell from their central warehouse and ecommerce site in-store, that would simplify their POS processes, and is built to meet the needs of both their store associates and customers.

Janne adds: “More or less every second customer enters the store, brings out their phone and shows the store associate a picture of a glove they’ve seen online. We have more than 400 styles so it’s great with a mPOS system with enriched product information and pictures of the products in it.

Another bonus with Sitoo is that we will always stay up-to-date, running the latest version of the software.

“Our current solution was modern when we bought it but that was 8 years ago. With the speed of innovation a traditional on-premise PC system very quickly gets outdated. The way Sitoo works, with continuous updates being included and made available for everyone, we will have an even better POS system in 8 years than we have now.

“We’re in a great position with our products available in thousands of stores around the world. We’re now looking at opening more of our own pop up and concept stores. Sitoo is perfect for helping us do this while growing at speed and at scale.”

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