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Sitoo takes the first big step into the US

Sitoo is rolling out its first major US customer with over 200 stores in 18 states.

Swedish tech company Sitoo, already a market-leader across Scandinavia, has taken the next big step on its growth journey by rolling out its first major US customer, sports merch retailer Rally House, in record time.

In April, American sports chain Rally House became the first major customer in the US to sign a partnership with Sitoo – and by August they had already implemented the Sitoo Point of Sale and the underlying Unified Commerce Platform in around 200 stores across 18 states

Rally House prides itself in being the ‘go to’ store for localized sporting goods with an immense range of products and assortments representing local NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NFL and MLS teams. Their mission is to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible while maintaining exceptional service from the moment someone steps into their stores – and they’re investing in market-leading retail tech to make this happen

Aaron Liebert, Rally House CEO, explains: “We had a legacy POS system in place that wasn’t omnichannel and wasn’t integrated with our website or with our other stores. It was a simple and slow POS.”

“After a lot of research, we found Sitoo not only had all of the features – and more – that we needed but it was also great value – specifically in terms of rollout and implementation. Most of the POS solutions we looked at were not out-of-the-box and the implementation fee was more than the subscription fee. We don’t have a team of 25 developers to work on a million dollar implementation over two years. We needed something quick, seamless, and hassle free.

We signed the contract in April and we were live in all our stores by the end of August. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a company with over 100 stores that would be able to roll out the solution as quickly as we did.

Alongside a fast, smooth implementation, Liebert says the feedback from the stores has been extremely positive.

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, believes this heralds the start of even bigger things for both companies.

“The success and growth Rally House has seen in the past decade has been nothing short of incredible,” he says. “For our first US customer, we couldn’t have hoped to work with a better business. Like us, they are ‘go getters’ and they make great things happen. It feels like a perfect fit and we are over the moon to be part of the Rally House story – the momentum behind them is becoming a force of nature and they have a huge future in front of them.”

“It’s an exciting time for everyone – there’s enormous potential for growth in our market as more and more global retail chains have opened their eyes to modern technology that enables seamless shopping experiences in a much more efficient way, Levin add

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