Customers - 2020/10/02

Hilding Anders – Welcome to the family!

The bedding and mattress group are transforming their customer experience.

World-leading bedding and mattress group, Hilding Anders, are transforming their customer experience and omnichannel capabilities with the Sitoo Unified Commerce Platform and POS.

With 160 years experience and a global reach across more than 60 countries, Hilding Anders brings together some of the world’s most prestigious brands, Carpe Diem Beds, Bico and Jensen’s among others, to cover all needs and tastes when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

The brand is now expanding its direct-to-consumer offering and, with showroom stores, they needed a point of sale solution that would allow them to meet their customers’ needs anywhere in the store.

“We take people on a journey, experiencing different setups as we move along in our showroom. Sitoo allows us to create configurations on the spot which can be further adjusted or refined,” says Yannick de Rechapt, Chief Digital Officer at Hilding Anders. “That’s why we wanted to find a modern POS system that would allow us to engage with the consumer at any location in the store.

“We want customers to feel at home in our stores and for them to complete their transactions, over a cup of coffee, in a comfortable setting, rather than being sat at a desk somewhere else in the store. Sitoo allows us to do this – it’s an incredibly flexible system, it has a very strong backend that’s very compatible and easy to integrate with the other systems we use throughout our retail landscape, like Adyen.

“Alongside this, the team at Sitoo are always ready to help. They keep us in the loop with discussions about their latest developments and this helps us see how the relationship will develop in the future.”

Toni Haberthür, President Europe Brands at Hilding Anders, adds: “The shift we’ve seen from traditional offline shopping to online shopping in 2020 has been huge. The change was dramatic and it happened within just a few weeks. There’s been a shift in both consumer perception and behaviour – now consumers want to combine everything. Their journey might start online but then they will come into our showroom to experience the products for themselves. With Sitoo we now have a solution which connects the online and offline in real time.

“Using Sitoo has improved efficiency and has reduced the risk of errors. Our ‘just-in-time’ production process starts as soon as the order has been completed. It’s a great moment when they configure their own bed and the way this is set up in Sitoo eliminates mistakes that can be made on the order sheets or during the configuration.”

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, concludes: “Hilding Anders are a business who are putting customer experience at the heart of what they do. They want to spark joy in their customers when they walk into their showrooms and it gives us great pleasure to hear Sitoo is helping them do this. They are a fantastic example of a traditional company embracing digital technology and using it to make their operations more efficient while at the same time giving more to their customers.”

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