Customers - 2022/12/12

Grandpa – Welcome to the family!

Multi-brand retailer Grandpa, are levelling up the in-store experience with Sitoo.

As well as making sure customers get what they want every single time, great physical retail is increasingly becoming about delivering memorable in-store experiences that consistently delight customers.

Since 2003, multi-brand retailer Grandpa has been on a mission to be more than just a store. They’ve always wanted their stores to be inspiring places which combine a great atmosphere with personal service. Their stores across Sweden have now leveled-up and taken this promise even further with the addition of Sitoo POS and Unified Commerce Platform.

“We wanted a POS system that feels modern, looks great, and works on iPads and other mobile devices,” says Josefin Mehany, CFO at Grandpa. “Mobility in our stores is really important for us so we needed to find a solution that would enable our store associates to move around the stores and provide a personal service to our customers.”

“We’ve also recently changed our ERP system to Business Central and we knew we needed to find a solution that would integrate with it. Sitoo is a great looking system, it’s easy to use and it has the ability to integrate into our wider IT architecture – and it’s been a great fit.”

“The feedback from the stores has been very positive – mainly because it’s so simple to use. We were also given a great demo of all the features and functionality before we launched which was great. Even something that might seem small – like being able to see high resolution pictures of the products – is such a huge help.”

For Grandpa, great customer service revolves around being able to help their customers find what they are looking for – and Sitoo is helping here too.

Josefin Mehany continues: “With Sitoo, our store associates now have even more product knowledge. And they are able to see the stock we have in different stores and online which we couldn’t do before. The service we deliver is so important to us and Sitoo now plays a big part in that.”

Moving forward, Grandpa will look to develop further integrations between Sitoo and other systems as well as potentially utilizing Sitoo for events – like ‘block parties’ – they hold for their customers.

Jens Levin, Sitoo co-founder and CEO, adds: “Grandpa’s ethos revolves around good people, good products, and good impact – and it’s an ethos that strongly echoes the one we have at Sitoo. The team at Grandpa fully understand the importance of creating physical stores that are more than the sum of their parts and are places where customers love spending their time. We’re delighted to help them take this to the next level.”

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